Taking advantage of
Balinese creativity

Baliís artists and artisans are quick to adopt creative input from outside.

Over the years that Bali has become established as a centre of innovative creativity, itís taken the ideas and suggestions of its guests and clients and refined and enhanced them to the benefit of all concerned.

At Agung Putri Art, weíre happy to help develop and enhance our customers creative ideas.

Limited only by your imagination

On a number of occasions clients have come to us with their own sketches, a picture torn from a magazine, or sometimes only a verbal description of an idea they have, and asked us if we could work our artistic magic and create that idea in iron.

Our designers have risen to the challenge.

In fact, some of these creations have gone on to become great sellers for our customers.

So if you have some ideas, donít hesitate to ask us to help make them a reality.

agung putri iron art collaboration
With the help of Agung Putri Artís creative team, some of our clientsí ideas have gone on to become major sellers.

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